Nzukota: Coming Together

co-curation, co-host

Gropius Bau

Emeka Okereke (visual artist & writer) , Lion Blau (designer & researcher), Noraa (artist), Nyambura, Reem Alfahad (researcher)

livestream video
⇢ Nzukota: Coming Together – with Emeka Okereke and Pamela Owusu-Brenyah

A conversational intervention at Otobong Nkangas exhibition ‘There’s No Such Thing As Solid Ground’.
Nzukota: Coming Together is a gathering and conversation by Emeka Okereke, Pamela Owusu-Brenyah and 4 invited guests: Lion Blau, Nyambura, Reem Alfahad, Noraa taking place in parts of Otobong Nkanga’s solo exhibition There’s No Such Thing As Solid Ground at Gropius Bau. “Nzukota” is an Igbo language expression that translates as “coming together”. Nzukota will bring together individuals currently living, staying or visiting Berlin to reflect on their notion of “home” in relation to the state of being “here and elsewhere” – a concept extensively explored by philosopher Édouard Glissant in his seminal work Poetics of Relation. In Nzukota: Coming Together, dialogues, readings and music create a discursive atmosphere in which anecdotes, stories and incidents, however fragmented, become intertwined with the space and disposition of the participants.