Jury Member Activities

2020 – 2023
Musicboard Scholarship & Residency Programme
Label Funding
Musicboard Berlin

With the Scholarships & Residency Program, Musicboard supports Berlin pop musicians and bands. The direct support for musicians is intended in particular to honour Berlin’s up-and-coming musicians and their innovative strength in the field of pop music.

The Label Support Program is intended to support Berlin-based independent labels that support young Berlin musicians in the field of pop music in their professional development through marketing activities.

2021 – 2022
Bezirkskulturfonds Mitte
Bezirksamt Mitte

The Bezirkskulturfonds Mitte is awarded once a year and supports projects of all disciplines: music, literature, performing arts, visual arts, architecture, urban studies, art in urban space and contemporary history. The fund also welcomes projects with a regional history, cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary themes relating to the cultural infrastructure and urban hotspots in Berlin-Mitte.

Draussenstadt – Call for Action
Stiftung for kulturelle Weiterbildung und Kulturberatung

Der DRAUSSENSTADT – Call for Action is aimed at Berlin-based freelancers and solo self-employed cultural actors as well as associations, groups, companies and other legal entities from the cultural and creative sectors. They must submit an approvable concept for a cultural event in a publicly accessible urban space in Berlin and be able to implement it outdoors and free of charge for the public by October 31, 2022. With an early start to the measures, the events can take place from June 2022 (subject to the budget decision ).

Krach & Getöse Preis
RockCity Hamburg e.V. and Haspa Musik Stiftung

RockCity Hamburg e.V. and Haspa Musik Stiftung, together with Haspa Musik Stiftung, present the annual Hamburg Music Award KRACH+GETÖSE for newbies and semi-professional musicians. The five winners receive prize money of 1,200€ and an individual 12-month support program.