Pop-Kultur Festival Berlin

program curation, booking

Artists 2022
GoldLink, M.anifest, Alyona Alyona, Amewu, Falana, Noraa, Salomea,
Liam Mour, Amilli, Rose May Alba, Houweida, Edward Hunt, Donia Touglo
CW K.ZIA, Sanni Est, Jovanka von Wilsdorf
Artists 2021
Eunique, Danitsa, Serious Klein, Badchieff, Lie Ning, Noraa, K.ZIA, Floyd Lavine, Poetry Meets, Benzi & Friends, Naari, Steve Mekoudja
CW Nathalie Greffel, Flockey Oscar, Ilyich

Pamela Owusu-Brenyah has been part of Pop-Kultur’s 3-member program team since 2021. Her responsibilities include program development and conception, artists research and booking as well as and curating panel discussions.

In addition, Pamela has been responsible for the conception and curation of the new format “African & Diasporic Connection”. In the pasts years, popular music from the African continent has been increasingly gaining attention, and old categorizations that previously marked sharp dividing lines between North and South are slowly breaking down.

On stage, in talks and on the screen at Pop-Kultur, artists from the continent and the diaspora show just how diverse the community is and how, despite the common reference to the African continent, it is characterized by very different concepts of sound and narratives, transcending all classifications. Shedding light on the rich palette of different perspectives – from alternative pop-cultural positions in Ghana and Nigeria, to Afro-diasporic hip-hop practices in the UK and Germany, showing that there is not one Afro-diasporic sound.