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Selector, Music from the Continent

Music which’ll makes you dance :-〉
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Pam bam is a Berlin-based music selector who began her journey in Ghana. When she stood behind the decks for the 1. time in Accra, it was all about sharing her passion and love for good music – especially Old School Hip Hop and RnB.
Spending almost two years in Ghana, she encountered Afrobeats and Afro House – two popular music genres on the motherland – which has influenced her djing to the bone. On her dance-floor east & west coast meets electronic dance music from African metropoles such as Lagos, Accra, Luanda, and Johannesburg. Linking her hip hop background and African roots together, Pam Bam has a unique and boppy sound, that no one can resist to dance to. #PAMBAMSOUND
For her it is all about making people dance, loosing themselves in time and space, as well as sharing and promoting the richness of African contemporary music across the globe.